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Judith Scott-Clayton, assistant professor at Teachers College, suggests that offering college students too many choices leads to frustration and procrastination and proposes instead giving college students more structure. Because no one ever procrastinates in Core classes! (NYT)

Some schools pay their commencement speakers tons of money. Maybe POTUS should start having some bake sales? (NYT)

If you’ve got a million dollars, you can buy a 212 phone number so you seem like you lived in Manhattan before it was cool, even if the closest you came in the ’90s was watching Seinfeld. (NYDN)

Advice to liberal arts majors who can’t find a job: Start tweeting! (NYT)

Oh no, the Conservative Canadian government has collapsed! But those hoping for an Egyptian-style revolution will be disappointed; it’s just a parliamentary procedure. (Reuters)

After a botched drug sting yesterday, US Immigration officials opened fire on an SUV outside a McDonald’s in midtown. Reported one bystander, “I thought it was a movie being filmed.” (NYP)

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