Come On, You Know You Google Everything Too

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When one industrious Bwog staffer googled our name, his search revealed:

a. a blog about puppies
b. Bloody Wall of Gore
c. Bible is not the WOG (word of God)
d. The Elmer Fudd “dialectizer” (see: ‘why this site is not racist’)

When that same staffer felt compelled to search “BWOG porn” he found, on page 2, Dave Barry’s Blog.

Go figure.

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  1. wow

    "t be my hope dat, by derivin' non-discriminato'y and non-demeanin' humo' from cultural differences, we gots'ta be able t'relax and ease da damn tensions dat make baaaad race relashuns so's difficult t'achieve oderwise. Let's face it. Man! De only way we gots'ta eva' conqua' racism, sexism, and oda' fo'ms of discriminashun be not by suppressin' dose differences but by cherishin' dem, brin'in' dem out into de jimmey in such some comfo'table and non-dreatenin' way dat we ourselves become at ease enough wid dem so's dat we need not be ashamed uh dem -- so's dat we kin rap about race relashuns in some way dat ain't grave o' guarded o' fearful uh dire consequence -- so's dat we may treat racial differences fo' whut dey are, dig dis: 'estant but, when makin' any so't of judgment uh character, insignificant. Man!"

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