Egg and Peacock, Volume 1

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Last night Lerner’s Black Box theater, Egg and Peacock offered the amusement of 10 plays which hadn’t existed 24 hours prior. Led by Abigail Broberg and Rosalind Grush, playwrights converged at 8pm Friday, burned the midnight oil, and left their directors at 6am Saturday with a play to read, cast, rehearse, and present by 8pm.

While the production was hampered by too quiet acting, too dim lights, and too sober an audience, the bwogger would like to see one of these every year – a perfect post-break use for a theater space when students haven’t had ample time to rehearse.

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  1. Abigail Broberg

    We would like to host another Egg and Peacock Early next Fall. Interest? Suggestions? Email me, Abby , [email protected]

  2. emily kadish

    got any more pictures, guys? that's MY penguin you've got on your website, and i want to cherish the memory.

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