Superbowl Monday

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Everyone knows the Superbowl is about the commercials so let’s all thank Google Video for aiding the marketing cause and putting them online so quickly. Recommended viewing after the jump.

Of the 17 Bud Light ads, we liked Secret Fridge and Save Yourself best. Still, when is the Bud Bowl coming back?

The ads NOT to watch unless you want to make yourself a little sick are Budweisers’ Clydesdale American Dream and Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. Since when did tiny little ponies and befreckled girls go with gridiron?

Emerald Nuts get points for sheer creativity and Burger King’s Whopperettes gets points for sheer choreography.

And a final message for Go Daddy: we think it’s kind of cheating to submit five ads you know will get rejected just to create hype. Or at least, it’s kind of cheating when they aren’t that good in the first place.

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  1. umm

    "Let's all thank Google Video..."

    what are you guys, Gothamist?

    c'mon. more snark!

  2. Snark

    Google touched me in the swimsuit area when I was a child.

  3. loiterer

    i will KILL Google! (throws chair)

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