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One Bwogger weighs in on Columbia’s possible downtown expansion

Is Columbia aware that it has the opportunity to purchase a piece of
(cinematic) history in the 99th Street Metro Theater?

Before he took off for London, Woody Allen was never shy about
highlighting some of his favorite Manhattan locales in his
movies–yep, that’s the Hungarian Pastry Shop in Husbands and Wives
(and Columbia’s campus makes appearances in several of his films).
But rarely does an actual New York landmark play a more important
role than the Metro does in Hannah and Her Sisters, when Woody’s
character, Mickey Sachs, having just failed in a suicide attempt,
wanders in. He sits down and begins to take in the movie–Duck
Soup, as it happens–and the film makes him realize that life is
worth living after all.

So, Columbia: purchase the Metro Theater. And give us Marx Brothers
and Woody Allen film festivals. Even if it doesn’t end up saving
any lives, you’re sure to find an eager clientele for such events
on the Upper West Side.

-Marc Tracy

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  1. wtf

    buying the metro theater would be a waste of money.

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