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The February issue of the Blue & White is out and about and in a dorm near you. In a special section on “Race at Columbia”, Josie Swindler discusses the lack of minority staffers on campus publications, David Plotz tries to get some answers about affirmative action, and Hector Chavez reassures you that you’re not the only one with racist grandparents. Thanks are due to the Office of the University Chaplain and the Office of Multicultural Affairs for their support for this issue.

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  1. c. szabla

    Um, I hope someone's checked them, because mine was missing quite a few pages...

  2. Lydia

    On the plus side, one of mine had two page 22s...just in case you didn't read it the first time...

  3. zhb

    I'm pretty sure that those slip ups were only in a few issues...because in looking over our remaining issues I haven't seen anything else like that. Please pick up another issue. My apologies.

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