Hi, Haiku, Hello/Craigslist will always amaze/Leaves fall gently down

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Everyday the Bwog finds a new reason to love Craigslist. Thanks to reader Anna for tipping us off to the site’s Haiku Forum and for sending us a few choice selections.

Fun with Dick and Kitty < lovepoet > 02/08 12:44:5

remember that game
we played – hide the salami…
that was so much fun!
(I crack myself up!)


Blowback Mountain < corn_nut > 02/08 13:56:36

my top pick for best
earth science comedy ’bout
pissing in the wind


scoop < ioareies > 02/08 11:18:37

headache hurtin now
headache hurt three hours past
scoop it out start new


How!…such bad subject verb agreement, whities? < Amoresdiablo > 02/07 17:37:17

Why do haikus sound
like cowboy-western Indians
with bad English skills?


Tourettes < instantugly > 02/06 20:47:56

What a lovely day!
Shit piss fuck hell damn crap ass
Let’s go to the beach!

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  1. marc

    yes, thanks to our reader. but also: who wrote the headline? Hilarious.

  2. Cody

    They're headlines, right? and not titles. I don't think haikus can have titles.

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