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The Bwog knows how much construction delays can suck, especially when it involves something as vital as bathroom renovations. But when shit happens, so to speak, we lowly undergraduates are used to having our bitching go unheard. That’s why it kind of warmed our hearts to see Student Financial Services caring about their employees in light of the devastating bathroom closures that have been afflicting Kent.

The full announcement – sent to the department this morning – is after the jump.

—–Original Message—–

From: Pam Kelly

To: [email protected]

Sent: Fri Feb 10 09:44:03 2006


MEN: Although it is too late for you to reduce your intake of fluids in preparation, I have just been informed that the workers need to close the facility in Kent again today.

WOMEN: Kent Hall rest room will be closed again on Monday.

I pass on the information that I get. Sometimes it’s too late, and sometimes it doesn’t turn out to be what was originally thought. Two points:

1. Don’t shoot the messenger.

2. Be prepared for the unexpected during renovations.

Have a good weekend!


Pamela T. Kelly

Student Financial Services

Columbia University

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  1. sorry

    that wasn't nearly as clever as i had thought

  2. wait!

    what happened to my first comment?!


    the word "ba ng" cannot be entered in a comment without the space.

  4. weird

    maybe it's my computer

  5. cs

    The kent bathroom situation truly does suck. Guys have to go to the 5th (!) floor to use one, and that one is always flooded to boot.

    Still, it beats the shit out of fayerweather. Man, our buildings are in sad, sad shape.

  6. Anonymous

    yeah, and to make things worse the elevator was broken last week.

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