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These excerpts were culled from documents left on Columbia and Barnard lab computers. We encourage our readers to submit their own digitalia finds to us, via e-mail, at [email protected].

I’ve never had the urge to punch a seventy year old man, and I didn’t then, but I couldn’t believe what I was listening too.


I was one of the very few, if not the only child in my neighborhood of the Bronx who could say they attended a number of Bar Mitzvahs and had white best friends.


What is not debatable is those women are indeed different than men. Women have different body types and physical characteristics. Perhaps the largest difference is that women are equipped to give birth to children. While none of these differences to those of the males make the women inferior but what it does do is make woman unique, which is commonly referred to as feminism.


It makes me think of a person licking their lips and shaking their head before having to do something that they don’t want to, or that they know is going to be a downer. Except in this case, it is the last thing that the man will ever do and its outcome won’t have the chance to give him the blues because it is final. I really liked that.


To lick and to electrify, or a lick and electricity, should never happen concurrently. They’re potentially dangerous enough to be a life-threatening combination. We all know that. …Maybe it’s not what you’d intended, but they definitely stick out to me on the page in a good, shocking way where you’ve paired them.


When my students see me, they think of me a “cool”, and not “white-washed” and I use that to show them that you do not have to give up yourself and your ways to have an education and to have a good paying job.


I soon found myself feeling helpless, trapped and depressed, on Koren’s behalf, by the permanent shield alcohol had created between her true self and the world. It was like an abusive boyfriend that was preventing her from being who she really was.


The donkey’s journeys are varied, at the beginning he is smothered with love by Marie and lives in the farm then he works carrying bread for delivery (his tail is set on fire), later he smuggles goods (and it is shot at), he helps in the farm turning a wheel for a miserly man, he falls in the hands of a wanderer rider and among other travails he goes to the circus (where we discover his special mathematical talent) and ends up back to the fields.


The figure of the donkey evokes Christian mysticism spirituality as well as pagan eroticism.

His silly nature, big shoes, and over-the-top gesturing helped me to buy into his fantasy world and appreciate the plot.


…how is it that I, a modern film viewer, can derive such pleasure out of a film that seems so simple?


Smiles appeared on all of their faces of those who surrounded me. All they wanted was to hear that my experience was great. I am not saying that it wasn’t the best two years of my life. That really depends on your definition of what good is.



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