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More Like a Hater

Girl: So was he, like, a player?

Guy: Who, Charlie?

Girl: No, that Genghis Khan guy.

–114th and Amsterdam

The Philosophy of Being…Ignorant

Guy: Do you know what the word “ontological” means?

Chick: Yeah…I have seen it before…

Guy: Yeah. Me too.

Chick: Is like an orange?

Guy: Yeah…Well, it’s something weird like that.

Chick: I know what you mean.

–Hungarian Pastry Shoppe

If You’ve Seen One Imperialist You’ve Seen ‘Em All

Chick: I was in the Peace Corps down there

Woman: Oh, I didn’t know that.

Chick: Oh, sorry, not the Peace Corps; Club med.

–Le Monde, 112th & Broadway

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  1. Paul Barndt

    Genghis Khan is both history's greatest fighter and greatest lover.


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