Senator Misconduct Policy Task Force, Volume 1

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Last Friday, after years haggling over bullet points, the University Senate was finally scheduled to vote on a  new sexual misconduct policy.

Unfortunately, nobody showed up.

Well, at least the professors didn’t.

The Bwog has learned that the resolution could not come up for a vote because more than half of the senators played hooky. According to our friends in high places, most of the student senators were present. It was the professors, preoccupied with their heavy Friday courseloads that all Columbia students must endure, who failed to show.

Balanced news. Fearless views. The Bwog. (And the Philippine Daily Inquirer, too.)

Update: Bwog got some of the facts wrong. Professor-senators did show, and voted on a new definition of “sexual misconduct.” They just left before the senate could vote on changing the disciplinary procedures. Provost Brinkley and Professor Bollinger were among those who left without a hall pass (Read the whole story in the Spec).


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  1. student senator

    That's not true. The senate voted on several parts of the new policy, but by the time the meeting had gone on for two hours a bunch of people had left, and they weren't just professors. Saying people didn't show is wrong, as is saying they didn't vote at all. Get your facts right.

    There's a story on the Spectator's website about it. They had three or four reporters there.

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