1. Paul S.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's J.J. Jumper 1, Beth Katz 0. He did six back handsprings DRESSED AS A BIG FROG.

  2. Anonymous

    As for Reggie Gossett's column... when will people like him learn that we don't care! Columbia students are not racist. Even the ones who oppose affirmative action. Seriously, there is no giant conspiracy against minorities. It's not racist to be against diversity for its own sake.

  3. GH

    I don't know whether to be honored or dismayed that I've been bwog-ged...

  4. Anonymous

    best course of action is to wash your hands with a lot of soap for a few minutes

  5. anon

    Re: Reggie Gossett's column. Is it just me, or is this quote from Bollinger taken out of context:

    'After the protests in 2004, Bollinger stated that he had “abandoned students of color” at Columbia.'

    Also, since when is everything Bollinger's fault? Recent complaints: he doesn't care about black people (and he just uses his famous affirmative action case as a ruse); he spends too much time traveling around Asia (etc.) and not enough time at Columbia (though people also complain that he has not done much for the 'global university' claim); and he never talks to students (though this is not a big part of his job--the deans are meant to do that).

  6. about that...

    Agreed! How can Columbia be racist, some of Bollinger's (and my) best friends are black! If thats not proof I don't know what is!

    Yeah, Prez Bo said that he "abandoned students of color" when all those racist things happened in 2004 (fed cartoon, marching band, bake sale), but come on, WHERE do we get by complaining about it?? Seriously.

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