Lemmings all!

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First Brendan Ballou felt bad about breaking a Lerner turnstile. Then he didn’t.

I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it. People are still
swiping their cards at the turnstile that does not exist. They stop
before going through, bend down and swipe, then walk through, as if
they still needed some permission to go through.

Never be stopped by turnstiles, whether in Lerner or within your own

Right. Any traffic jams and you can blame him.



  1. Shira

    Brendan broke a Lerner turnstile? Is this in addition to the turnstile that's usually open? I feel so cool when I go through it and don't swipe...

  2. Beth


    That's not a turnstile for you! That's for the disabled students. Bitch.

  3. Shira

    I wasn't aware that the middle turnstile was for disabled students...

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