Mr. Facebook, Tear Down that Wall

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In a move that went entirely unnoticed this week except by the Splog and college freshmen, the Facebook let high schoolers and college students be friends. Lydia DePillis weighs in.

In the beginning, there were two worlds. And then they were one, and the Lord rested.

I hope.

This whole high school kids on facebook thing is a little too much
for me to handle. It’s only been up two days and I’ve been friended by
like 8 people. I suppose they’ve had it for a while, but at least I
didn’t have to SEE how pathetic the average high schooler’s life is,
and now I yearn for that precious veil of ignorance.

Selected wall postings:

YESSS facebook is finaaly coming together! me and claire have been
awaiting this moment…

this is like facebook day extreme! did all you kids get together or

YAY sophie has facebook! My life is complete, you complete me. I
LOVE YOU! slash MISS YOU! slash is this comment kind of annoying?

I swear, there really is a separate high school diction. I see huge
potential for statistical analyses and other things I don’t
understand on the interaction patterns between high school students
whose highest aim in life is to act like college students. You can
tell they’ve been waiting eagerly for this for so long. It kind of
makes me want to cry.

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  1. Anna Corke

    Thanks to Sam Cohen, there's an anti-high school on facebook group: "Maintain Facebook Integrity".

  2. brendan

    sam cohen has created the 'maintain facebook integrity' group. because if you can't be elitist about facebook, what is left?

  3. brendan

    anna- you beat me to it. my apologies to everyone who read the same basic message twice...I feel like a fraud

  4. happy days

    It really just illustrates the awesome instantaneous response capabilities of Bwog. Hold your head up high, Brendan.

  5. avi

    my 14 year old sister is interested in "men." that is gross.

  6. avi

    my 14 year old sister is interested in "men." that is gross.

  7. jacob

    it could be worse -- my sister took one summer language class and got a college facebook account at 15 -- she has "friends" who are "male"!

  8. Dave

    I doubt many seniors have even noticed. Everyone I went to high school with is in college now. That's almost more depressing than having to revisit high school would be.

  9. tmw

    my 13-year-old sister had to lie about her age to get on it, and is looking for "whatever she can get". my parents would be horrified.

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