1. turde

    i think adam's resignation far more parallels his lack of ability to maintain a mature audience and allow the public elections to be voted upon by the student body. his resignation merely displays his inconsistencies between desires and actions, as he desires much from the council, but acts little when asked to.

  2. femax

    every useful thing the engineering council has made this year has been created by adam. the rest of the council is just worthless. i am sure he proposed direct elections, and was rejected. as an engineer, i want the right to vote. the council is very selfish.

  3. brendan

    from what i understand adam proposed that the internal elections be made public (he wrote this long thing with justifications). that was rejected. he then volunteered to create a poll, and asked that the results of the poll determine the status of elections. this was rejected due to statistical inaccuracies. the spectator is conducting a poll and the esc refuses to adopt its results.

    i think adam resigned as a publicity stunt to bring light to the cespool of corruption on the esc. good for him.

  4. TTX

    Good for Adam. I never understood why SEAS never protested the internal elections. It's about time.

  5. Lisa

    Haha, yes, they are a pile of S**T. Full of self-important, egotistical, selfish idiots. Adam was the best chance of hope. It is SAD to see him go. Things must be really bad. Though, knowing Adam's history of taking action, I am sure he has something up his sleeve. Go Adam!

  6. hypothesis

    anyone else think the last four posts were all actually written by adam?

  7. hypothesis2

    does anyone care about esc? i don't ...

  8. cheez

    It took me seven times of reading the last headline to get "Moz sticks"="Mozarella sticks". Go me!

  9. Anonymous

    Does anyone care about SEAS? I don't...

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