Personals: We All Want to Be That Toothbrush

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One success story already and we know you’re just waiting for your turn.

The Bwog Personals will never stop in its noble quest to get our readers some and this week we deliver unto you elusive Floridian Steve. Does he look like the guy of your dreams? Email [email protected] with a sentence or two about yourself and if our bachelor chooses you, we spring $5 for a coffee date.

Nominations are still being taken for new singles. Emails of inquiry on your or a friend’s behalf should be addressed to [email protected]. Rock.

Guy for Girl

Name: Stephen
School: SEAS
Year: 2006
Major: Electrical Engineering with a Philosophy Minor
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Top three songs according to iTunes’ play count:
Do I have to answer this? It’s embarassing. Carrie Underwood has been playing all week.
Say Anything – Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
Her Space Holiday – The Weight of the World
Bear vs. Shark – Entrance of the Elected
You’re trapped on a desert island with three foods– what are they?
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ben and Jerry’s, Sun Dried Tomato Wheat Thins, Porterhouse steak.
Describe your favorite pair of underwear.
I have a really sweet pair of green swimming drag shorts that I run around our suite in.

It’s 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon– where can you be found?
Still in my underwear making pancakes.
Nightmare date in three words or less:
Thomas Friedman’s mustache.
So, what are you doing after college?
I’m going to design medical devices and settle down with a nice Jewish girl.
Really? Yes really. That or be an ice cream man.

Complete the sentence: When I first came to Columbia I thought…
Jewish girls were mythical creatures, kind of like unicorns.

Whole wheat or rye?
I’m cutting down on carbs, my mom told me I was getting fat.

Stephen Wang! You’re the one for me!



  1. whoa

    way adjectivial list of foods, man.

  2. emily

    there is only one thing that steve worries about when dating jewish girls -- that his children will be named "klein-wang"

  3. Stephen

    Gimme a date BWOG. The weekend is quickly approaching.

  4. Brian

    somebody hold me back! I've got Asian fever!

  5. Akash Gupta

    hubba hubba. ::moves his finger up and down on his lips while making sounds::

  6. Akash Gupta

    oh man i didn't mean to give my email. stupid mac auto-fill dealie. now he's actually going to email me for a date. (hint hint)

  7. Jen (aka wifey)

    green drag suit = hot

    green drag suit on Wang's fine ass = SEXY HOTTTTTNESS

  8. GirlWhoHatesAsians

    No way, he's an ugly asian bastard.

  9. girlwhohatesgirlwhohatesasians

    Steve may be asian, but he is in no way ugly, or a bastard...

  10. GirlWhoHatesAsians

    are you kidding? you've got terrible taste, sweetie. he looks like a macaque monkey with an oral hygiene fetish.

  11. Stephen

    GirlWhoHatesAsians, you've got me all heated up. let's go out and get married.

    you got burned by a ching chong? that's whack. cmon i'll take you out.

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