1. pp

    are econ profs just funnier, or is bwog populated by lots of money-whores?

  2. um

    money-whore -- that's as opposed to what other kind of whore?

  3. jk

    Sunil screams a lot. We can't ignore him. All 350+ of us.

  4. the context is better

    He cracked the joke, and people sort of looked at him incredulously. At first he thought it was because no one got it. Then he realized we all just couldn't believe he had made such a dumb joke.

    Sometimes I swear he could be a used car salesman.

  5. pp

    wait, that makes no sense. nevermind.

  6. well,

    there are also facebook-whores

  7. haha

    i think um meant that "sex-whores" are definitely "money-whores"...

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