1. Rapid Response

    Oh my god that was sooo painful to watch!! To be fair, Sachs sounded like he may be getting over a cold (or bird flu?), but he seemed close to tears the whole way through the interview. Colbert just kept lobbing him a bunch of soft prompts in a vain attempt to get Sachs to actually articulate his message, but all Jeff could say was how the Bush administration cares more about the military than sustainable development. No don't need a phD in Economics to recognize that. Sachs couldn't bring himself to actually state his basic idea for increased foreign aid, which conveniently left Colbert no room to criticize it. Yet he didn't even respond to the "why Africa" poking as much as he hammered it into us last semester. And to think I'm still waiting for an office hours appointment.

  2. a keen observation

    Sachs dyed his hair- it was definitely going gray last semester and now it's a solid black. perhaps soon he will buy a red corvette and cavort with bimbo econ TAs.

  3. MAT

    may i point out the genius of open-sourceness?

  4. Anonymous

    dude, i was conceived open-source!

  5. i should really start using my real name

    Awesome, a compliment from Bwog! Although I'm embarrassed to see that I misspelled PhD.

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