Bwog Quiz: Know your Facades!

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It’s hard enough to be an undergraduate, but how can you possibly go to class if all the buildings look the same? To let you know where you stand, Bwog presents a quiz that challenges your Columbia knowledge. Is it Havemeyer? Is it Hamilton? No, probably not. Building names have been blurred to protect the innocent, and scroll to the end for the answers.

Building A

Building B

Building C

Building D

Building E

Building F

Building G

Building H

Building I

Building J

Building K


Building A: Lewisohn
Building B: Schermerhorn
Building C: Journalism
Building D: Dodge
Building E: Philosophy
Building F: Hamilton
Building G: Fayerweather
Building H: Avery
Building I: Havemeyer
Building J: Kent
Building K: Mathematics

photos by Mark Krotov

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  1. cs

    easy. decent facade photos though. you should get columbia to make these part of its shitty virtual tour:

  2. McKim

    wow, i didn't realize how monotonous my designs were.

  3. Mead

    Maybe if we'd spent last time Brokback Mountaining it around, we couldn't done a better job.

  4. White

    Yeah, but then we wouldn't have been inspired to put up the phallic fountains on Low plaza.

  5. Josh Hirschland

    Wow, that's amazing. Thanks Mark.

  6. drunk and confused.

    am i just retarded or do they all look the same?

  7. distracted

    this is harder than the econ midterm i'm studying for.

  8. Anonymous

    A and K look identical.

  9. Except...

    A's got the attic classroom that the Creative Writing kids occasionally get holed up in. And that's JUST fine.

  10. wow  

    that was harder than i thought. i knew them all but, i didn't ever realize how architecturally identical the buildings are. to me they always seemed to have more character.

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