1. A Fan.

    Ohhh! He looks so hot in spandex!


    I did swimming for a couple of years when I was recovering from a running injury. I enjoyed that, but I particularly didn't like the way it sort of changed my body shape. My view is that swimming tends to turn people into the shape of tadpoles. Mainly when you're older, not when you're younger. The stomach grows larger, the legs grow small, and you end up with the shape of a tadpole. But people can swim incredibly fast with that shape.

  3. Anonymous

    "Columbia has this wonderful 8 lap to the mile track that's literally a hundred yards from my office."

    Is he talking about Dodge? I'm pretty sure that track is 10 laps to the mile...

  4. PresBo

    Do you eat anything before you go out?

    My pattern of life is that I eat virtually nothing for breakfast and very little for lunch and then eat constantly from about six o'clock in the evening until I go to bed. I'm sure it's not highly recommended, but each person has to find what works for them. For me, constant eating in the evenings and not eating during the day is perfect.

    Have you stuck with the same shoe your whole career?

    I pretty much have, although because I have enjoyed sprinting, I have shoes for that. But in general I have stuck with the same shoes. I like Nikes. I don't know why. I've tried some other shoes occasionally, but for some odd reason, which I've never figured out, none feel as natural or as good as the Nike shoes. So I usually run in Nike Pegasus.

  5. That's weird

    I guess if the FAiR people want to ever sit down with him, they shouldn't suggest a lunch meeting-- he doesn't eat.

  6. m

    "As I said before, I'm generally in favor of mind-numbing experiences."

    I agree!

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