1. a gentleman

    you sall find that hurling but pernicious, asinine jests at my enterprise will result in nothing but the reflection of thy own true nature, rapscallions!

  2. a grammarian

    Wherefore doth this gentleman conceive such veritable litany of solecism? Perhaps a meant, "Ye shall find the wanton hurling of pernicious and asinine abuses of my character and enterprise to be but the reflection of thine own corrupted natures. Rapscallions the lot of you!

  3. classy

    I want to be quoted in the NYTimes saying this: "You go to a frat party, make out with some random guy, and then maybe he calls you and maybe he doesn't."

  4. barnard girl

    like, you got a problem with that?

  5. barnard guy

    Bwog comments are tripppppppy

  6. an anachronism

    If I were a girl, I'd rent one.

  7. mark

    Genevieve Yang is fucking insane.

  8. Evan

    People need to stop encouraging this girl.

  9. Anonymous

    Aww... bitter you didn't get the scoop?

  10. the night watch

    O ironic disparagement! O inconsiderate coverage!

    It comes to my attention that a frequent contributor to your fine publication recently contracted a distinguishéd young anacronisic gentleman... and come back for seconds.

  11. curious

    do any of them give dance lessons?

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