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At about 12:45, all 70+ students lunching in a packed Cafe 212 were treated to a soaring gospel rendition over the loudspeakers of “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” a favorite with Sunday Schools the world over. Basically, the only words are a repeated loop of “yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.”

Probably not the same Muzak they play in Cafe Nana.

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  1. lyrics

    Jesus loves me

    This I know

    for the Bible

    Tells me so

    Little ones

    To him belong

    They are weak

    But he is strong

    Yes, Jesus loves me

    Yes, Jesus loves me

    Yes, Jesus loves me

    The Bible tells me so

  2. incidentally

    i have been to church services that had music with MUCH more vapid lyrics

  3. curious

    who gets to choose the music they play? last night they were playing the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack.

  4. Beth

    Because I grew up in Backwardsville, I learned the song with the lines "Red, and yellow, black, and white,

    They're all precious in his sight." In college I learned that that version went out of favor in the 1970s in light of the fact we don't call Asians yellow. My dad still slips "oriental" into conversation, though.

  5. no no no

    that's jesus loves the little children

  6. Anonymous

    Jesus loves the little children

    All the children of the world

    Red and yellow, black and white

    They're all precious in his sight

    Jesus loves the little children of the world

  7. Anonymous

    i didn't know that had gone out of favor

  8. Anonymous

    about time you pagans got some jesus love

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