All Your Dreams Come True—Disney, Drugs, and Taiwan. The March edition of the B&W!

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Hurrah! Huzzah! The March print edition of The Blue and White, the last under Editor-in-Chief Zachary Bendiner, is officially released tonight! If you’re in a Columbia dorm, look for an issue at your door within the next 24 hours. But for those of you who desperately need your B&W jolt right now, here are some choice selections from this month’s issue:

The Conversation: R. L. Stine
Who knew Fear Street was on the Upper West Side?

Letter to the Editor
The Spec responds to the Feb B&W article “The White Pages.”

Campus Characters
Thomas Reardon and Kate Berthold, these are your lives.

Yo! MTV Sucks!
How reality television MADE me into a douche.

Character Wars
A conflict made in China (or Taiwan) invades classrooms.

A Gutter Pirate’s Life For Me
Washed-up dope fiend philosophers in Tompkins Square.

Epcot Columbia
The ultimate pan-Columbian experience.

Professors’ Kids—They’re Just Like Us!
Free riding FacBrats have their own lessons to impart.



  1. J.K.

    A John Jay student complimented the cover's use of Tawanese and Simplified. And the sly insertion of tóngzhè in Character Wars. Good work.

  2. Reader

    I was a little underwhelmed by the print edition this time, perhaps because I had already read all the articles online? Maybe next time, wait to post them online until the print edition comes out, for those old fogies like me who still prefer the jarring blue text swimming in a sea of white.

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