Oh, Michelle

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In CCSC’s weekly email to the Columbia College student body:

1. FREE FOOD tonight
2. Dean’s Day Closing Reception
3. Run for Student Council
4. How do you feel about Coke?
5. CC/Lit Hum Graduate Student (Preceptor) Teaching Award
6. Columbia College Days is coming. . .
7. Housing Satisfaction Survey
8. Party For a Purpose ! Join the RELAY FOR LIFE 2006!

If you wanna know how I feel, it’s overpriced and gives me sinus problems all day.

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  1. shira

    best part of it is that that section is about NYU banning coke. right!

  2. Anonymous

    coke, we love you. NYU does not. downtown pinko scum.

  3. Anonymous

    Columbia! Students! Party For a Purpose!

  4. wait

    are they serious about banning coke? whyyy?

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