An innovative approach to free food

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If the Columbia Political Review is good for nothing else, the March issue has a rather valuable coupon on the back cover good for a cup of coffee and a bagel from Morton Williams, midterms week (March 6-10) only.

First person to tell us if that includes cream cheese gets… well, a coupon good for coffee and a bagel.

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  1. mark

    for the record, the columbia political review is good for many many other things. list of things to be detailed later.

  2. bagel lover

    yes, i got one today with cream cheese for free...altho i didnt tell the cashier it had cream cheese

  3. hey, bagel lover

    how are you going to get your free BAGeL?

  4. Anonymous

    March 2006

    volume v, number iii

    This issue has temporarily been taken offline but will be available once again shortly.

  5. yes

    The NASA article wasn't so hot, I'm just saying.

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