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Once upon a time, Columbians dared to dream. Musicals in Butler Library. Silent dance parties on South Field. Pornography clubs at Acivities Day. Those dreamers constituted Prangstgrüp.

And it pains Bwog to learn that few Columbians today are aware of the sauciest avant garde prankster group to ever mock Columbia. True, most of Prangstgrüp’s members graduated in 2003, but still—do we have no institutional memory of really important shit? Thank goodness they’ve kept up and running—with videos of their clever campus antics. Stop studying for midterms. Now. Watch these videos. Now. And if you want the back story, check out this ancient article by a Bwogger before he was a Bwogger.

In the words of one of Prangstgrüp’s founders, “It was like, art, dude.”

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  1. butler

    what happened to the good old days? i miss these guys... so much more interesting than you boring fucks.

  2. alex

    In the past few days, I've had a remarkable amount of conversations involving the enlightenment of individuals on this very topic. A teacher I had in high school with no connection to Columbia is even a huge fan!

  3. Anonymous

    someone needs to revive this. hopefully not people involved in blue and white.

  4. b&W

    i can most assuredly assure you that my fuck is NOT boring

  5. b&w

    well, MY milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

  6. King George II

    When did the BWOG become a roundup of ancient fillers and spec articles?

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