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These excerpts were culled from documents left on Columbia and Barnard lab computers. We encourage our readers to submit their own digitalia finds to us, via e-mail, at [email protected].

I thought about cloud formations, wild edibles, and how I could teach the girls to pitch tents and chop wood—all of which I thought would matter, none of which did.

As a predominantly suburban, white community, we had romanticized the idea of urban escapism, which, in reality, is nothing more than covert racism and classism.

In saying that nature is a temporary refuge Hund converts the girls into refugees whose summers were charity-based evacuations.

Although the mission statement never said as much, as a counselor my job was to sell the wilderness and, in so doing, to sell white culture.

I will now use security-related tropes favored by certain government
employees to instill and inspire in you the need for vigilance:
We must not let our guard down.
If we let our guard down, THEY will win.
[you don’t want THEM to win, right? RIGHT?!]
security is everyone’s responsibility.

It stayed straight when the FM74 turned off, but it curved back behind the cabin like capillary of life cutting through the summer grass.

Phil was balding a little, and he shaved every other hair off, so the white circle of his head – that incidentally, shared a certain texture with Gouda cheese – contrasted with the abyss of the night against the window… Between the rubbery cheese in the middle of the table and the area around Phil’s head, I had no place else to look beside the can of beer to my left.

“By refusing to correct this flaw, you are betraying the universe, Phil.”
Sam looked up. “The universe is pink.”

The “Welcome to New York, fuck you” attitude is as commercial as Woody Allen’s romanticism.

It’s really not about sexuality.

He demonstrates this through the symbol of the maggots and the worms that feed off of them. The worms benefit from their pain with apathy.
By having the prince hold kitchen utensils instead of swords, and trying to balance a large chicken pie on his head, in addition to fighting with a pig’s head, two cooked birds, and a pair of sausages as ammunition, the craziness of the meat lover’s is well described.
The mosquito must be on either the left or right hand side of me. Since it says that the hammock is placed precisely in the middle of the room (halfway to the ceiling and halfway from either side, I determined that the mosquito would be moving on one of the sides. This is what I concluded because it seemed much more difficult to catch a mosquito that is underneath the hammock. This mattered because, although it is my friend and not I who is catching the mosquito, I felt that myself and the hammock (the nucleus) would be less of an obstacle is the mosquito were moving to one side.
Wenn die Spiegeleier fast fertig sind, legen Sie an die Brotscheiben.

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