Alma’s Bloody Revenge?

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The Bwog got a mysterious email earlier today claiming that Alma had been attacked with red paint. By the time we made it over to Low, all the Bwog could see was this guy cleaning up:

While the red fingers socialists as the culprit, we think it’s more likely architecture students sick of Columbia’s dull color palette.

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  1. can i be the first to say

    that i guess it's that time of the month?

  2. They had flyers and a banner

    It had something to do with protesting violence against women, from what I could tell...

  3. Stephen

    Some not-columbia kids brought a tarp on which they wrote something about the Bush administration killing women's rights and freedom domestically and abroad. they brought flyers with them that for an event for some organization that was during the beginning of feb.

    as for the protest, they wore white shirts and covered themselves in fake blood and pretended to be dead. and then they covered the front of alma with blood too. Too bad they didn't put it in her hands and let it drip, that would have been cool, "bush admin blood on columbia's hands too"... anyways, security came and asked them if they were affiliated with the university and they didn't say anything and ran away when the po weren't looking. pussies.

    if you are going to deface alma mater for a cause you feel strongly enough about, then stick around and get arrested. fight the good fight. you pussies.

    anyways. then it was over. i have a picture on my camera phone, lemme see if i can upload it.

  4. stuck in butler

    happy international women's health day. the protests make sense.

  5. Anonymous

    besides, don't they have, like, 3 spare almas in low? where did i read this?

  6. Stephen

    women's health day. blood. ew.

  7. Anonymous

    they have the spare almas in case the weathermen try to blow her up again

  8. 03er

    weatherman? blowing up alma? what?

  9. Anonymous

    in the 70s the weathermen, a terrorist remnant of the whole 1968 shit, was planning to blow up parts of columbia including butler and alma mater. they wound up blowing up the townhouse they were living in down in the village instead.

  10. ttan

    The rumor that there's 3 Alma Maters is traced to CU alum David Frost '91. See:

    I don't think it's true. I just think CU is awesomely fast at clean up. Remember the Malcolm X prank in May last year over Butler? I was sitting right underneath when it unfurled. I timed how long it took Security to dismantle completely. It was like 11 minutes.

  11. Anonymous

    What Malcolm X prank?

  12. Anonymous

    someone draped his name over one of the core authors on butler

  13. re: ttan

    yeah, dave frost on campus started that rumor last year in the student government office. he crashed a meeting and started talking about the old days.

  14. ubi sunt

    ahhhhh the old days, oh nostalgia, the spirit of 68, ah hmm hah hm

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