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Looks like trouble might be a brewin’ regarding the selection of John McCain as class day speaker this year. What better way to conclude one’s Columbia career than with a nice little protest?

Critics of McCain have started a Facebook group called, appropriately enough, Committee to Keep John McCain From Ruining Columbia College Class Day 2006. At the moment, it has 16 members.

The group’s description:

“Were you sick to your stomach when you found out that Republican Senator John McCain has been chosen to speak at Columbia College Class Day 2006, the day that is supposed to celebrate our achievements over the last four years and inspire us to go forward with passion and resolve to make a positive impact on our world??? Join this group to help formulate a plan of attack, to protest and possibly REVERSE this tone-deaf and insulting decision by The Powers That Be. If it must come to it, help plan our peaceful protest on Class Day itself.”

The group links to a Nation piece that calls McCain “the heir to Barry Goldwater.”

But he had a rockin’ cameo in Wedding Crashers!

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  1. republican

    nothing is ever leftist enough for the looney liberal left.

  2. another republican

    people should just get over themselves. if they don't want McCain here, then don't go to his speech. that's easy enough.

  3. Z.

    Oh, because McCain is so far to the left?

  4. columbiana

    McCain suuuuuuucks

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