The Economics of Soccer

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Beloved econ professor Sunil Gulati has always seemed to have a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to his Nobel Prize-winning/poverty eradicating/just plain publishing colleagues. At least now he can cheer himself knowing he’s the only one in the department elected president of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Here’s to better luck this time around, Sunny G.

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  1. omg

    When can I vote for Sunil Gulati to take over the world?

  2. sfksdjfs

    he is such a jaunty fellow

  3. WTF

    wtf is this color test. I failed 5 times.

  4. moph

    you're clearly not human. (the trick is that the brown looks like orange. then again, so does the orange.)

  5. cavalier

    describe this color in one lowercase word:


  6. sunilfizzan

    Gulati is the shizznit. He brings down the hizzouse.

  7. Web Master

    Good call. No more brown.

  8. Holy Crap

    Gulati is a PIMP. Stiglitz could never top that, not with all the Nobel Prizes in Oslo.

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