Hiya, Stranger!

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Oh my God! How are you?! How was your break? Really? That sounds incredible. Really? Wow. That’s fantastic.

So, the Bwog is back– tan, rested, and behind on all its take-home exams. Never fear, though. We’re willing to sacrifice a few grades in order to give you the quality gossip your procrastination deserves.

Currently the Bwog is compiling a Bwogroll and is soliciting suggestions for good Columbia-centric blogs. Do you have a blog? Your friend? The creepy guy down the hall? Send tips to

And as always, gossip, rumors, hearsay, incriminating pictures, and funny signage go to the same place.

The Bwog looking forward to the rest of this semester when things heat up with short shorts, CCSC elections, and John McCain. And, really, we can’t wait to hear about your summer plans.


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