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  1. okin-pres

    i was amused by the part of the article where okin said we needed to humanize career education... with a database. oh, engineers

  2. umm

    olson's column was in monday's paper, not tuesday's.

  3. bs

    How the hell did Olson's column get OKed by the head Spec editors? Why was it considered worth publishing? Kwame's column are equally self-absorbed but at least they try to be amusing and Columbia-related.

    Olson just gets the opportunity to show what a complete fratty douchebag he is -- and in an extra-long column.

  4. hmm

    "The arrival of Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) will mark a welcome change from Columbia’s usual pattern of asking wealthy, yet somewhat obscure, alums to speak at graduation. "

    Their ONE-YEAR pattern of inviting wealthy alums to speak... Tony Kushner?


  5. red

    i really think that spec edit was written by a high school student.

    it's so vapid...

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