1. hmm

    anyone else notice how closely the nyu article paraphrases the times that's reporting.

  2. yeah

    that's exactly the word i was looking for. he claims in print kwame only got into law school because hes black.

  3. yeah

    What a class act! Jake Olson: boldly embracing the worst stereotypes about frat guys and future Wall-Streeters.

  4. seriously

    that's pretty awful.

  5. wasn't there

    a comment calling jake olson a douche up here earlier? did that get taken down?

  6. No

    There was, however, a comment in yesterday's QuickSpec calling Olson a douchebag. But you bring up a good point: it should be reiterated. Olson is a douchebag.

  7. then

    what did "that's exactly the word i was looking for" refer to?

  8. um

    yes, I posted a comment saying "anyone else notice how jake olson is a d*****"

    censorship at the b&w, eh?

  9. huh

    I don't get what's going on then because the mot-juste insult remains as a comment to yesterday's QuickSpec.

  10. c'mon

    jake's a good guy. in my experience close to 100% of people who meet him like him. i'm betting an equal % of people here got their lunch money stolen in grammar school.

  11. Ah

    Ah, I see. The unabashed macho chauvinism, vapid materialism, and immaturity are simply a writerly persona. My bad!

  12. c'mon

    oh, i agree. check check and check. but so what? anybody without his pinky in the air is an asshole? get a beer with the guy before you call him a d-bag based on his bill simmons impersonation.

  13. Facebooker

    Mr. Olson is creator of the following facebook group:

    Hookers and Blow


    Let's put it this way: rock stars don't party at the West End. Fuck this college bullshit. Real rock stars buy a fucking bottle of Goose, an eight ball, and three blond whores, then take them to the American Gardens building and do the blow off the whores' fake tits. THAT'S what real partying is, motherfuckers.


    Patrick Bateman/Sonny Crockett = Jake Olson

    Procurer, Bolivian Marching Powder = Benjamin Baker

  14. um

    I work on Spec, and I know Jake Olson.

  15. gosh

    can you believe they deleted the waffle iron post??

  16. um

    I work on Spec, and I know Jake Olson.

  17. pissed

    you guys need to remove the sticks from up your asses and chill out

  18. please

    these pretentious chardonnay sippers don't know who bill simmons is and don't realize that his over the top writing is meant to emulate that--as for the facebook thing--its definitely a pity--because no one has ever been over teh top ridiculous in an attempt to play upon some type of ironic humor, right? for castigating his jock boy/'chavanistic' demeanor (its seems your writers just don't like athletic people)'s certainly pretty arrogant to claim the authority to do that when you're authoring a pretentious, generally anonymous, arrogant and condescedning blog where everyone who disagrees with you is so obviously just a neandrethal who's spent more time working on their linebacker drills while betting on cockfights and illegaly voting multiple times on diebold machines for Bush

  19. Nope.

    I'm sure Jake is a fine fellow in real life, but getting a Spec column turns otherwise decent human beings into douches with keyboards. The problem is that everyone is bound to have a slow writing week, but rather than pass on seeing their face on that rag, they'll fill a column with tripe or baseless insults. Jake Olson's been having bad weeks for the whole year. Kwame might write stupid columns about his hair, but most of the time he's got the decency not to talk trash about everyone just to get some attention.

  20. baseless insults?

    bro it was a pixbox victory column. notice that the standard sports column today ran on the back page. every season, the pixbox winner has to write a column ripping on the losers.

  21. distinctions

    Let's not conflate what the Bwog says in its posts with what other people say in their comments to those posts. Bwog insulted Olson's column; commenters made other, distinct points.

  22. c'mon

    You don't have to be a "pretentious chardonnay sipper" who hates all athletes and fraternity brothers on principle to find Olson's writings pretty worthless and reflective of a pretty sorry character.

  23. the REAL "c'mon"

    who is jacking my name????!?

  24. c'mon

    One might say that the person who asserts that Olson is representative of all atheletes and jocks is, in fact, inadvertantly revealing what a narrow/low opinion of those groups he/she has. It's not some grand culture war between jocks and hipsters.

  25. confused

    regardless, if he got that drunk, how could he remember so many details from such an extravaganza

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