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These excerpts were culled from documents left on Columbia and Barnard lab computers. We encourage our readers to submit their own digitalia finds to us at [email protected].

For example, evolution and the big bang theory are not falsifiable and, according to Popper, are about as scientific as, say, my personal theory that purple unicorns will descend from the sky when I die and bring me to heaven.

This remark is simply saying that nothingness has no need to hide for the substance of nothing cannot be seen in any case; however, it should be noted that this remark is made with the absence of blindness. When one becomes blind, all that one sees is nothing. Nothing in the context of blindness actually becomes something for it becomes the only companion of sight for the blind. This case is very ironic in Gloucester’s situation because when he becomes blind, it can be assumed his only companion of sight is nothingness.

There are different or many meanings to the colors of the Colombian flag. For instance in the spirit that Don Francisco Miranda had when he designed the flag yellow signifies sovereignty and justice given it is the closest color to light. Blue calls for anticipation and serenity, while red is the color of exclamation for blue and yellow. However, as I kid I was taught that yellow meant gold, blue the oceans that surround the country, and red the blood shredded by the heroes of the revolution.

“Brush your hair! Take off your brother’s clothes! Stop Rolling around in the dirt”, these are just a few phrases my mother shouted to me as a child. My mother was a beauty queen and she wanted a princess for a daughter but what she got was royal knightmere. As a child I did not understand why I should embody the characteristics of Barbie when in my opinion Ken was having more fun. In society a construction of gender is created. It provides an ideal that often leads to power, success, social attraction and sexual attraction, by developing a standard of appearances and behaviors designated for each gender. The hierarchy that evolves from gender roles begins to form in schools, although often parents subconsciously acknowledge the power gender possesses in society immediately. This fact can have both negative and positive effects.
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