Kosher ice cream on the Steps?

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It’s 50 degrees outside!

Celebrate the end of the week and treat yourself to an ice cream sandwich. After stopping by the Good Humor cart, walk past the Aish booth on Low Plaza. If you look Jewish enough, you might just be handed an opportunity to get “spiritual discovery” in Israel for the low, low price of $499–only $260 more than a Scientology audit. Commodifying religion: it’s the Zionist way!

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  1. ag

    are these the same people with the "in israel all voices are heard" sign? I would hate to have to walk past that as a palestinian.

  2. olay

    what is aish? just how many jewish student groups are there here?

  3. marketing

    Among other things, Israel: the world's hippest occupier.

  4. Marketing 3

    First of all, Aish is an outside group unaffiliated with CU. Second of all its not a pro-Israel group, its a Jewish group that happened to be sponsoring a trip to Israel... I don't understand why that has to necessarily be made into a political issue on this campus

  5. ugh



  6. er

    by which I mean, it's sooo irritating to be accosted by them just because I "look jewish enough." being polite and even acknowledging that they want to talk to you just doesn't work.

  7. yeah well

    Still, they aren't quite as annoying as the saccharine Christian evangelicals who look for whoever seems to be most late to class and then start walking speedily next to them asking, "Hi, do you go to church?"

  8. casey

    I dunno, they were polite enough to me. I guess my hair was dark enough. "Hi, can I give this to you?" I've had dry-cleaning flyers shoved into my body, this wasn't bad.

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