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  1. let's see here

    there are 23 engineering students running for 19 positions. which means a maximum of four positions are contested. and then they do internal elections. seems fair....

  2. himalayan hermitess

    it's unfortunate that the blue and white feels the need to wage war against the spectator. does anyone else find it strange that instead of berating a rival sports team(s), columbia students unjustifiably attack other columbia students and their organizations? no wonder we have so much school spirit...

  3. you think

    i love quickspec. i think it's less about poking fun at the spectator and more about campus happenings...

  4. your mom

    quickspec is the shit

  5. critic

    more importantly: that's the single most boring food article i have ever read. and i have nothing to do with the blue and white OR the spectator; i'm just a humble reader.

  6. well...

    this doesn't strike me as an attack. half the time they're what spec editors wish they could headline the stories themselves.

  7. re: headlining by spec

    so true. you should see what we come up with for our first layout.

  8. erf

    Re: "seems fair..."

    The elections are open to the school, and everyone has by now recieved at least a half-dozen emails mentioning the elections. That there aren't more people running isn't the ESC's fault.

  9. re-erf

    i think more people would run for positions if people not on council could run for president or vp. as it is, the same people run every year and then elect each other to "important" resume padding positions

  10. RA

    I would argue that it is, indeed, ESC's fault. If students aren't interested in becoming involved in joining an organization, it might be time to examine its relevancy. In a word, it is time for the CCSC + ESC merger.

  11. erf

    People not on council can run for president or any of the other e-board positions. There were a few non-council candidates for the eboard this year, and one of them won. There have been two non-council candidates for president in the past three years.

  12. buttt

    no one non-council has ever won for president.

    in fact, i would doubt that anyone non-council has ever gotten a single vote for president...

  13. **f

    first of all, that's not the case, because president about 4-5 years ago was elected from without the council. secondly, while you harp on the ESC, CCSC has 3 spots completely vacant. at least the ESC, which has 1/3 the voter body, can encourage individuals to run for each position.

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