1. nobody

    casey acierno makes HER mom mix-tapes

  2. somebody

    casey acierno makes YOUR mom mix-tapes

  3. also

    re: safe spaces--


    in an article on how racism is bad, he compares everyone advocating for safe space to a terrified little kid. condescending much?

  4. That Guy

    I do all of my cheating over at Barnard...

  5. H.L. Mencken

    Well played, sir.

  6. anybody

    Today's column by JD Porter was sooo full of crap:

    Burke was a liberal, not a conservative;

    Burke was a member of the liberal Old Whig wing of the Whig party;

    Burke was only a conservative in the sense that he opposed the radical change that turned France into a totalitarian democracy (with socialist leanings);

    The "Old Jewry" was simply an ancient meeting house near the Inns of Court in London.

    ... and more errors.

  7. No conservatives on CC syllabus (says JD Porter)

    After all Plato and Aristotle were both liberals. They were anti-elitist, pro free speech and freedom of thought, and they believed in gender and racial equality.

    The writers of the Bible were all liberals. Especially the J-source.

    The Koran is really liberal. Augustine of Hippo is better known as Hip Augustine the hippy. St Thomas Aquinas reminds me of Eric Foner.

    Hobbes is obviously a liberal (life is short and brutish--so let's all live happily together).

    Descartes is a liberal: he's not a materialist so he must not like free markets too much.

    Rousseau is a liberal. Kant is a liberal. Neither are as liberal as Marx though. Yet the high liberal of second semester is Nietzsche. He wants higher taxes, better health insurance, and better public schools for all Americans.

  8. safe spaces

    no he didn't...all he said was it's a solution that "amounts to running away." he didn't call them terrified little kids. i think the point was it's better to face the issues, and it's counterproductive in the long term.

  9. Ironic?

    Does anyone else see the inherent historical perverseness in minorities demanding 'safe spaces'? We used to have spaces just for minorities before- it was called segregation. And don't tell me its somehow different because of an active vs. passive participant and historical agency paradigm/bullshit.

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