Blood! Violence! Pandemonium!

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Last night apparently wasn’t the night to go to the West End.

This morning the Spec reported on 3 am street fights which occured when about 200 people came spilling out of the ‘Stend.

Of course, the Bwog has known about this since last night when it woke up to, say, COPS FIRING SHOTS INTO THE AIR.

And the Columbia administration gives a huge sigh of relief that this wasn’t during Days on Campus.

Update: Gothamist is on it. And wants to know if we’re on it. And now we’re just going in circles.

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  1. scooped

    i sense a lot of splog/bwog tension, why? spec story was good, and they did a better job this time. oh columbia, with our silly publication rivalries. so stupid.

  2. Bwogger

    Apologies if that sounded like Bwog/Spec tension. The Spec did a fine job of covering the story. My entry was more a personal response to the fact that I go to Columbia absolutely fine for 3 1/2 years, without incident, and then within 6 months of graduation I get mugged at gunpoint and have cops shooting outside my window. Not cool, gunlovers, not cool.

  3. wha?

    you got mugged? where/when?

  4. me

    just someone concerned for their safety

  5. alum

    Were Columbia students actually involved, or were these locals?

  6. onlooker

    it didn't seem like columbia kids. i also heard no shooting and i was there.

  7. hm

    aren't columbia students locals? there had to be many students around.

  8. eu

    I heard, secondhand, there were "ghetto people" involved (take that for what you will...)

  9. MAT

    oh that's lovely. there was a disturbance similar to this, I recall, like outside Pinnacle, in April of 2004. I was in Furnald at the time, and it was quite scary. Anyone else recall that?

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