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The Bwog has been spending the weekend trying to figure out what happened at the ‘Stend Friday. A handful of people saw the fights outside but no one seems to know what went on inside. So far all we’ve got is this:

I was at the ‘stend from 1130-1215 last night. The doors to the back room were closed, and there was some sort of party being planned back there. At around midnight, a friend tried to get in, but was told there was a ten dollar cover (at the Stend!). The crowd that was at the bar — which included barely any Columbia students — were all wearing some t-shirt for something, I’m not exactly sure what.

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  1. Validator

    Yo Bwog, your links are backwards.

  2. Passerby

    When I went by there last night they had "college night only" up on the plasma screen in the window. Guess they didn't want to take any chances.

  3. question

    did cops really fire shots into the air?? that seems kinda insane and the spec article didn't mention it...

  4. answer

    nope, the cops did not shoot into the air or anywhere else.

  5. Nessie

    I heard a rumor that a few twenty-something investors recently bought out Sip, Mona, 1020, and West End and so Friday night was a party for the bouncers and bartenders' friends since management is changing.

  6. now that

    is how i like my rumors

  7. Up Against The Wall, Mofo

    The GM of the West End announced on Wednesday night that he would be 'retiring' next week Friday (as in a week after this melee).

    As for the rumor about investors, they should buy out AmCaf and bring it back to its old glory.

  8. 1020

    was not sold to investors.

  9. ...

    suggests that it was frat related

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