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Last semester, B&W staffer Bari Weiss founded The Current, “A Journal of Contemporary Politics, Culture, and Jewish Affairs.” This past weekend, they released their spring edition with an open tab at Toast. Of course, Bwog only learned of the free drinks and food exactly one minute after said tab was closed. Nevertheless, The Current is worthy of a look-see. Admire the shiny cover. And forgive the page design that reeks of academic self-importance.

In true QuickCurrent-style:

Do not fuck with GS students.

“I’ve only had sex once, which is far worse than being a virgin.” And other tragi-comic tales.

What’s worse than a bad housing lottery number?….The Holocaust!

Palestinians “look cooler” than Zionists.

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  1. Stephen

    It is difficult to read Bari Weiss' article without cringing. She tries to show that she is approaching the issue in a balanced fashion by giving credibility to the outward appearance of the Palestinian solidarity movement. She says that she can see why they have been convincing people across many campuses by their message of human rights and tolerance.

    All Bari has to say about this is that they are wrong and jews and Palestinians should stand up against this wolf in sheep's clothing. Nowhere in the article is any evidence or even an argument as to why the PSM is disengenous. All she has to say is that they are wrong. Also nowhere in the article does she defend her own views, she just says that she finds the PSM troubling. WHY???

    I don't think even in the Current it is safe to assume you are writing to a Zionist audience. The entire article was laughable if not seemingly entirely disengenous.

  2. Confused

    "Nowhere in the article is any evidence or even an argument as to why the PSM is disengenous."

    Right...It's just odd that the *editor in chief* has so many unchecked and unexamined assumptions. Hello? I kept waiting for some semblence of evidence but the article ended up being a waste of time.

  3. Ariel Beery

    There is nothing more pretentious than someone saying that an article is laughable--unless you add to it the fact that the writer of the above comment might not have bothered to have truly read the article in question. If he would have read the actual article, he might have read this paragraph:


    They admitted openly that in every community they work with, they "fall under Palestinian leadership." When I asked them to explain what this meant, Joe Carr provided me with this telling information, "We work with Hamas and Islamic Jihad." How can an organization that claims to support human rights work with terrorists that strap bombs themselves with the hopes of killing as many Jews as possible?


    Hmm...interesting--could it be that Bari not only explained why the PSM is troubling (hell, working with two organization who lynch gays and threaten converts to Christianity with death is a bit troubling in my book) but also provided proof--a quote from a member of the organization itself?

    Since when does one have to be a Zionist to be troubled by the fact that this supposed liberal organization is working with ideologues who burn down embassies due to a cartoon? I’d hope even non-Zionists could see the danger in that folly.

  4. goddess emerita

    "A page design that reeks of academic self importance." I have absoutely no idea where said designer might learn of such things. Not from previous publications she's designed, that's for sure.

  5. the current rocks

    i'm a convert.

    to the current, not to zionism.

    but bari almost got me.

  6. odd

    that Mira Siegelberg's review of Samuel Moyn's book on Holocaust memory, *A Holocaust Controversy*, never mentions that he's a professor here at Columbia.

  7. minoritized majority

    current seems to be taking off pretty fast

    maybe it's time to start the journal of politics, culture and caucasian affairs

  8. once?

    how is that even possible?

  9. Stephen

    Pretentious? Perhaps I don't agree that that's adequate justification for her premises? Perhaps I think her paragraph is misleading.

  10. what??

    caucasian affairs? a (poor) jab at "white" jews? what are you saying?

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