Wait, if I had known it was going to be like this…

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Bwog poked its head into the weekly Columbia College Student Council meeting this evening, and was shocked to find every seat filled in the normally empty audience section. Could the student body suddenly be taking an interest in the doings of their elected representatives?

Alas, no. This was the Candidate Information Meeting, where CCSC officers get to awkwardly sit in the same room with their potential successors, who are trying to look alert and interested in the proceedings. Among other juicy bits of news, the office-seekers were treated to a lively discussion of:

Flash Access, in which Michelle Oh fends off efforts to actually do something about the proposal, and Mike Accordino announces that the negotiations currently include GS as well as Barnard, to audience dubiousness

– Passing and Failing, in which Class of 2008 Presidential Candidate Neda Navab and David Ali proudly announces the success of their new Pass/Fail policy, to CCSC applause.

– Bathrooms, in which VP Campus Life candidate Laura Taranto proudly tells us about the proposal that will install special energy-saving flushers on EC toilets, to audience quizzicalness

– Failures, in which Current VP Campus Life Sy Cabria breaks the news that Kings Ball was cancelled because of concerns over mixing students, alcohol, and the “fragile venue that is Casa Italiana,” to audience groans.

Sunday night CCSC meetings, 8PM in the Satow Room–bring popcorn. It’s a party.


  1. Stephen


  2. jk

    Neda Navab is an idiot, and her pride is unbecoming. May her transcript be full of worthless Ps from now on!

  3. dear jk

    Come now, is that really called for? Please learn manners. Anonymity doesn't give you license for cruelty.

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