1. Uh....

    What's the big deal? Norman Washington was already named as the victim in the first Spectator article.

    Man, you guys are bitter.

  2. Norman Washington

    wasn't named a victim. It was mentioned that he lived in the flat and then he said "no comment."

  3. lottery winner

    the lottery results will mean that there will be a lot more people than usual in general selection. maybe housing should do regroup for juniors and sophomores.

  4. uh again....

    Norman Washington wasn't named the victim in this article any more than he was in the first one. It says he lives in the suite and that he's the president of Proud Colors. Both true. Later it says that maybe the guy who drew it didn't know Norman Washington lived there. Sounds like about the equivalent of a "Norman Washington lives in the suite and didn't want to comment."

    I agree; you guys are really bitter. It's getting old. Do you have anything to write about that's not taken from Spec or making fun of Spec?

  5. a z z

    Nope. We are totally derivative. Second place is fun!

  6. rumormill

    word on the street is that lotto numbers are delayed until noon tomorrow

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