We’re All Winners Here

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Rising Senior Steven Rubel, with lottery no. 21, you ARE THE WINNER.

And rising sophomores Samuel Daly and Dustin Patenaude, with no. 2999, you ARE THE LOSERS.

UPDATE. The Losers Speak.
Messieurs Patenaude and Daly have just issued a statement to Bwog:

“We’re just glad to be collectively paying $80,000 to live in the
asshole of McBain.”

Our prayers are with them.

Full housing lottery results here and expect a full rundown in tomorrow’s Spec.

For those truly upset with their lottery results, we can only recommend the following short story. Not so bad now, is it?


  1. anonymous

    getting stoned to death is just a little bit worse than losing the housing lottery

  2. Stephen

    there's always the summer transfer to the dream, plimpton.

  3. EJ

    It is those rising middleclassmen in the mid-2000s, just beyond the reach of summer transfer happiness that are the true losers.

  4. urh

    actually they're going to be paying an extra $6000 each for that mcbain asshole.

  5. re: urh

    Indeed. Not a penny of our tuition money goes to Housing -- Only the room & board fee.

  6. facebook fiend

    Stephen R. doesn't have any wall postings on his facebook profile. Congratulate him on his great number!

  7. ker

    I was thinking of that story the whole time people were talking about the lottery, and here it is!

  8. future mcbain asshole tenant

    and i thought my lottery number was bad...see you in mcbain!

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