Mock the Vote 2006

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To those of you new to the game, CCSC elections are hilarious.

There’s bitching and back-stabbing and promises and lies, all to win the hearts and minds of a student body that 97% just doesn’t care. Watching the candidates is like watching your little brother throw up before his T-ball game– so much so cutely invested in something so small. You feel for the guy, but really!

Obviously, this is all leading up to the Bwog announcing its obsessive coverage of said elections. Already, an OFFICIAL CCSC ELECTION SITE is up with rules, dates, and information on who’s running. The site’s real highlight, though, is the online form to report campaign rule violations. Are things really that bad?

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  1. cc student

    yes things are this bad. columbia students cheat at everything, all the time.

  2. CCJunior

    What could be more fun than watching the tools who run student council have to actually compete for your vote. They actually have to pretend they've done something for you. I think anyone who's spending their time to run against them should be congratulated. Down with emperor-for-life council positions reinforced through incumbency and "experience"

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