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  1. hm

    Eric Foner is way more bad-ass than Horowitz. Grouchy ranting Marxists for the win.

  2. wtf

    Nell Geiser can't be allowed to graduate since she obviously never passed L&R.

  3. oh come now

    her article rocked

  4. please

    All these diversity articles mention "safe space" but they never define it, explain what it means. Please someone just explain why "more safe space" makes sense.

  5. wtf

    Her last article rocked too. If only she wrote it.

  6. hmm

    seems to me she's not calling for some esoteric notion of 'safe space' but actually, literally: a space in campus dialogue (and action) where groups/individuals feel comfortable discussing issues of hate/bias/racism/etc.

  7. wtf2

    i like how the spec writes an editorial bemoaning campus racism ONE DAY AFTER they wrote one about how 110th & columbus isn't safe, needs more security and protection from non-students, and even printed a quote from a girl claiming it was "Spanish Harlem" and "sketchy." if those attitudes aren't rooted in racism, i don't know what is.

  8. not the spec

    i agree with you about the contradiction, but i'd argue that the spec's editorial board is NOT necessarily in line with the rest of the paper. usually they offer half-thought-through nonsense that most of the news section can see right through.

  9. wtf

    I don't give two shits what Geiser's calling for. I care that the Spec actually gives her space to butcher the English language.

  10. co

    fact: dark streets with few pedestrians are inherently unsafe, no matter what race lives on them. that's why there are security guards every 20 feet on claremont ave.

  11. i dunno

    i think geiser's one of the better writers the spec has (not that that's saying much)... what in particular offends your L&R-cultivated sensibilities?

  12. umm

    And roving reporter is what people on campus say, not what Spec believes. That's why its roving.

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