Money, Power, Respect

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We swear we found this digitalia in Hartley, not Uris.

I love money.

I love spreading it all over my hardwood floors and walking barefoot on them, the dollar bills sticking to my feet. It makes me feel like a woman. No. Like a goddess.

I love frolicking through the meadows as my money blows from the east. It’s like I am an Indian princess and I like curry. Wait no. Except not.

I love- I love- I love money. Are you listening?!!!?!?!?! HELOO HELPPPP JELOPOO

I love business. I love the crisp sensual texture of a hard-earned dollar bill. Just writing about it makes me shiver. Brrrrrr! Oh here come the butterflies!!!!!!!! YAY!! BUTTERFLIES!!! OMG!!!! YEAH?!?! WHAT MOTHERFUCKER?!?!? I’LL KICK YOU. God told me to.

Upon reviewing these three facets of my personality I came to the individual consensus that it would be most opportune if I focused myself into the entrepreneurial industry.

It is not a math equation where there is only one solution to the problem. It is not a derivative of a curve. We are not curves but PEOPLE.

God told me.

A giant boat.

Allow my ambition to roam your campus and eat the grass of your dining halls.


  1. entrepreneur

    I'm prepared to bet $100 that it's Tao Tan.

  2. ttan

    Greetings from Boston. No, sorry that is not me. Sorry to disappoint. I keep my half-mad ravings private.

  3. ttan

    Take that $100 and invest in GE InterNotes ( Seriously. AAA-backed bond issue, always better than T-Bills, market so liquid that GE will let you write checks off them.

  4. ttan

    Actually, I'm in bed with two CC '05 alumnae in Boston. Right now. Mmmmhh.. Ivylicious.

  5. Stephen

    mathematical equations can definately have more than one answer. roots anybody? ode??!

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