1. Wow

    Irrespective of the rest of his argument, McKean's opinion piece offers up a ridiculous interpretation of the Paris suburbs riots from last fall, which makes one seriously doubt his understanding of activism:

    "...[Some unspecified group of Sorbonne students] cite the insurgency of disfranchised youth in the Paris suburbs of five months ago as an example: without making a single demand, they effected more change in the French welfare system in two weeks than years of sustained activism."

    Um, no. What happened outside Paris in November was not an insurgency -- it wasn't some organized, goal-oriented burst of action. Where did he get that idea? Reports, whether biased for or against the people who rioted, have been agreed on this.

    The predominant interpretation has been that it was a violent lashing out due to frustration and alienation from society.

    That's not something worth emulating or learning from.

  2. antimarxist

    mckean is a typical socialist reductionist. everything is viewed through a narrow deterministic lens. consequently, he has a supremely cocky attitude. he believes he has the world entirely figured out.

  3. penny

    do any of you have anything better to do than to reduce everyone to a few words that only describe how shitty of a person someone is to you and how bad their writing is?

    get lives. go outside, it's nice. smile a little.

  4. on the same token

    don't you have more important things to do than sit around and be insouciant about everything? or unselfconsciously participate in the very behavior you condemn?

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