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The Bwog has been receiving word all day that kids on the College Confidential discussion board have been finding yesterday’s post on admissions letters very tasty. Do they like the photos? Are they even more excited now to hear the news?

No. They are using the photographic proof that FedEx picked up the packages to call FedEx and see if anything is on the way for them. Mind you, this is not limited to the kids. Even the parents are getting in on the game.

To quote one obviously strung-out poster: “Haha, it would be so hilarious if Columbia called FedEx and got a list of everyone that called, then turned their acceptances into rejections.”

Haha. Wouldn’t it, you little admissions-grabbing grade-grubbers?

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  1. hypocrite alert

    admit it, you were like this too. we all were.

  2. bleh

    Admit it? I had to calm my family down. My uncle had a university-specific admission gift for me before he knew whether I would be accepted. My dad was so excited when my stepsister called my stepmom called him that he forgot to call me to congratulate me. It's not such a big goddamn deal! These people are mad!

    Do they for some reason thing they are more likely to get accepted if their aliases have the word ivy in them, and if they spend an hour a day futzing around on discussion forums? I'm not sure what all the buzz about this being the smartest class ever is founded on.

    It's like shaking that box in your parent's closet on Christmas Eve, to hear what your gift sounds like. Ridiculous. It's not escaping anywhere, kids...

  3. McFister

    I really didn't get that worked up. I was gratified when I was accepted, but I would have gone elsewhere if I didn't.

  4. um

    I wouldn't say we were that bad. I mean, calling FedEx? That is so dumb.

  5. Q.R.

    As pissed off as this makes me, I skipped school and drove to the post office to intercept the mail before my letter carrier left -- just to get my very first rejection letter... of many...

  6. Randy

    Is no one afraid of what that picture of the admissions crew will spawn? If pictures of the letters caused a freak out...

  7. Jay

    That one in the top left of the truck looks like Mark.

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