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Wow. Apparently last weekend’s brawl was the last straw. Spec reports that the West End is being shuttered and will be converted to Havana Central, a chain of Cuban restaurants with locations in Times Square and Union Square. While this may be the biggest thing to happen to local dining since, um, Sushi Tokyo Pop, Bwog must bow its head and bid farewell to a local landmark. And though the bar’s owner claims that “no matter who runs it, in the end, the ghosts will rise,” Bwog is unsure whether the sound of ghosts will be audible over the excited yells of freshmen clamoring for 2-for-1 mojitos. Tear.

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  1. John


    So serious, you.

  2. John

    On second thought, apparently this is serious...

  3. um

    no, it's totally real. the date just happens to be coincidence

  4. ahh!

    I don't believe it. This is as much a Columbia and neighborhood institution as anything...it would be like replacing Barnard with the University of Phoenix Online.

  5. M.R.

    so based on your analogy, you're saying that replacing the west end would be an upgrade?

  6. jim

    I know a lot of people are going to say "who cares, the west end sucks" but wouldn't people rather have a local bar with longstanding traditions (it's been around since 1911) than some times square chain restaurant serving the hip latin flavor of the month? The west end should be improved, but not by stripping it of its name and heritage. the conversion of amcaf was less of a loss.

  7. kll

    i agree i hope someone will protest this

  8. dude

    you can't protest capitalism.

    oh. wait. we go to columbia. i guess we can make fools of ourselves by trying.

  9. spirit of 68


  10. John

    Way to hijack my name to retract my statement.

    Did anyone verify with with the Spec reporters who wrote the piece? Don't you think they would have saved such major news for Monday's print run instead of posting it online?

  11. mk

    speccies were spoken to, and they say it's serious. also, they don't usually save news like that--the sexual misconduct policy resolution was also web-updated this weeekend.

  12. um

    isn't your logic backward? why would they SAVE big news for the print version when they could get it out over the weekend. my guess is that there will be a fuller story tomorrow.

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