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From Bored at Butler:

greek week opening ceremony. There was supposed to be a Tug-O-War tournament, but the first match-up (sigma-chai vs. A-chai-O) was a mess. The rope broke immediately, cause that douchebag of a programming guy from IGC bought a 1/4″ inch thick twine rope.

Yeah! It shouldn’t even be called Tug-O-War anymore! They should’ve called it, like, Tug-O-String! Yeah!

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  1. why god

    And then the fact that a topless girl clad only in body paint lost the toga contest to a guy in a grass skirt proves that the world is coming to an end.

  2. snide commentator

    the fact that blue and white is blogging bored at butler is pretty damn scary

  3. um

    also: sigma chi versus axo doesn't exactly seem fair.....

  4. sw

    enough of these damn tags. there are new tags for every post!

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